nVidia Forceware Roadmap

Hallo zusammen,

aus einem Interview in dem Magazin „PC Perspective“ geht folgende Treiberroadmap für die Forceware Serie raus.

For the first in the „monthly“ series of Forceware releases from NVIDIA, their main goal is to achieve a WHQL certification on Windows Vista. This may not seem like a big deal for the end users, but the addition of the WHQL seal will definitely put their board partners‘ minds at ease that have been selling „Vista Ready“ graphics cards for months now.

This is the first time we’ll see new features from NVIDIA over what we have in the 100.59 release currently available. For the month of March, NVIDIA plans on getting full support for SLI on the GeForce 7-series of graphics cards up and running. We should also be getting a big upgrade in TV output and HDTV support including overscan correction and more.

April will be the time that NVIDIA targets DirectX 10 SLI support for their Vista driver. Since the software that actually runs on DirectX 10 won’t be around in abundance for some time, this target for DX10 SLI seems to be placed well in the priority system; NVIDIA has admittedly placed priority on single DX10 performance over SLI for the time being.

NVIDIA has also targeted this release to add support for H.264 decoding acceleration to aid those users that have HD-DVD and Blu-ray media running in their systems. Since Intel’s mobile Santa Rosa platform will be launching at around this time frame, NVIDIA needs to make sure their mobility options are running at full steam to capture some design wins.

Nothing is known about the May release time yet, though we expect there to be the standard performance enhancements.

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